Saturday, September 14, 2019

Off to Southampton ON for the weekend

 It was a brisk breeze at the Lake Huron shores today at Port Elgin. A beautiful fall day though. We were heading to Southampton for a visit with our friends Don and Sherry there, and on the way we stopped at the Port Elgin beach to watch the waves for a bit.

Looking towards the marina

Looking the other way. Lots of waves today.

Along the shore road from Port Elgin to Southampton the waves were larger and deeper, less protection out here.

Looking across the multi-use paved trail, with Chantry Island on the horizon
A closer look at Chantry Island. Tour boats take people out there.

A brave (?) kite surfer way out there

A wedding on the beach today

There is usually a good trail to the left of the sign, but high water level has drowned it

A gorgeous breezy fall day at Lake Huron

No dips in Don and Sherry's pool today! (a little inside joke - see older post). A fine day for appetizers outside though, and a great roast pork meal inside later on.

For those interested in our plans for the upcoming months: We expect to be meeting with some Mews people Monday, when we hope to get a better feeling for the accuracy of the new target (Dec 11 instead of Oct 15).

Although tentative, our current plan is to leave Oct 8 to head southwest towards New Mexico. Apparently Oct is usually good weather there, and we've never been in the northern parts, like Santa Fe and Taos. Northern New Mexico gets too cold for us in the real winter, it's quite a bit higher elevation there than in the southern parts of the state. Ideally we'd like to head out a bit earlier, but can't do that this time. Yes, if our plans were Jello they'd be firmer than they are right now.    


  1. I'm surprised by the size of the waves on Lake Huron.

  2. A pretty day but breezy!
    Nice day for drive over,,,
    Guess by monday , you both will know more about whats going on!
    Thats a big difference in time!
    New mexico sounds good,,,
    Might as well go south,,,
    And when you do get settled in ur home ,,, you will probably stay put for awhile!
    Take care,,,
    Great pic of cathie,, you really look like nancy!♡♡

  3. Such a beautiful area there around Port Elgin and love the beaches.
    Northern New Mexico sounds like a great place to explore before it gets too cold, we have tried is a few times but usually get there too late.

  4. I'm not surprised by the waves, it was a pretty windy day yesterday!