Saturday, June 15, 2019

In and around the Bayfield area

A different pace this week. Monday morning we were in London picking out lighting for the new place. They were kind enough to let us stay in their parking lot Sunday night, so we were there bright (?) and early Monday. The overnight stay was pleasant, very few bugs or traffic noise, except for an extremely loud motorcycle very close to us briefly in the wee hours. 

After the lighting it was on to flooring choices. Then in the early afternoon we stopped by the cabinet builder with the flooring choices, to firm up cabinet finishes etc.That visit was the last for the day, thank goodness.

We were pretty tired by that point, and wanted to set up for the night. It happened the cabinet builder is on hwy 21, almost beside the Pinery Provincial park. We hadn't been there for years, so decided to try for a site for the night. Luckily they had one for us, and we settled in on this beautiful day.

Of course we had to take the short hike to the Lake Huron shore:
From the boardwalk, crossing the dune
Not a really sandy beach right here, but very nice anyway

It was so nice here at the Pinery and the weather so good, we signed up for another night. We had to change sites on Tuesday because of incoming reservations, but changing sites with the van is pretty simple.

After a couple of beautiful days at the Pinery and a visit to the Bayfield Mews Wednesday morning, we headed back to our Clinton friends for Wednesday and Thursday nights. and then Friday in to Waterloo to stay at our older daughter's place for Friday night. A pretty relaxing week overall.


  1. Great blog post! Good editing the transition from email to blog. Your photo of going over the dunes in the Pinery reminded me of a trip Maria and I made, must've been 1975 or 76.

    1. Thanks! We really enjoyed the Pinery. It was busy but not frantic like it probably gets on the weekends.

  2. Have always loved the Pinery but haven't been there for about 15 years. You two are certainly living a Nomadic lifestyle alright. If you want to pop in sometime just let us know.

  3. A great start to ur travels this spring!
    Went to pinery park as kids when we camped,,, fun times,,
    Looks so nice,,,
    Great pics,,,,
    Take care,,,

    1. It had been a long time for us too. A really nice park. Very few bugs out while we were there, a real bonus!