Saturday, June 8, 2019

First week in the Bayfield area

This has been a busy week, but we've now spent our first week in our new area. Our house sale closed successfully; not without a last-minute glitch or two, but it's all done now. We're officially houseless; not homeless though, thanks to our travel van.

We camped several nights in the driveway of friends in Clinton, about 20 km from Bayfield. A week of more small moving decisions etc. We now have a storage unit in Goderich where we'll leave our car for the summer, with room for other off-season items like snow tires. 

We did take time for some sightseeing around Bayfield too. One of the nice features is a town park called Pioneer Park, overlooking Lake Huron:
Nice newer steps down to the lakefront from Pioneer Park

Erosion control from about 20 years ago, at the base of the steps

The rocks on the right are from a recent bank stabilization project
 Note the high water levels. There's no easy path right now along the shore to the main Bayfield beach.

Although it looks like a path for the agile, right on the concrete "silos"
This nice lakefront park is about a 40 minute walk at our pace from our new place. It should be a good walk destination (and there are benches!).

Wednesday and Thursday nights marked our first stays courtesy of the Boondockers Welcome group (link here). We recently signed up with this group. Hosts offer a 1-2 night parking spot on their property, usually at no charge. This first stay was with a host just around the corner from our new home, very convenient, and excellent hosts. Thank you folks!
Our first Boondockers Welcome site


  1. Such a wonderful area you will be moving to, I am sure you will enjoy much more time there.

  2. Nice to see you out and about enjoying the neighborhood. We have never regretted moving to the Bayfield area nearly 17 years ago. Not even once. It's an active little community if one is so inclined. Welcome to Bayfield:))

    1. Thanks Al, we sure like it so far. Not sure how active we'll be in the community, but nice to have some options.

  3. Nice to see these pics!
    Glad everything ok,, after a few glitches!
    Now u can relax!!

  4. Thinking of you and your grand new adventure!