Thursday, January 25, 2018

No southern trip this year, after all

Well, colour us disappointed! Some medical issues have cropped up and although minor, will keep us in Canada for the next month or so. This is later than we would want to start heading southwest, so we'll make other plans in the upcoming weeks.

Meanwhile there are compensations around here. We enjoy roaming the back roads in the area, and the gravel roads are often at their best this time of year, well-plowed and smoother than they are in summer.

Here are a couple of snaps taken with my cellphone on a recent drive back from Owen Sound, :


  1. Sorry to hear that, but,,,, a trip in spring sounds great!!
    These backroad pics are so pretty,,,, a hookable picture, cathie,,,,,!
    Take care,,,
    Enjoying seeing all your other trip pics and adventures,,,,

  2. Too bad you did not make it to the southwest this year, bit wandering Ontario back roads in the winter is rewarding.

    1. Thanks George, we were disappointed for sure. As this winter has dragged on maybe we could have gone after all. Looking out the window, northern Arizona or Utah would likely be nice right now!