Sunday, May 26, 2024

We're heading West yet again *START*


Yes, we're taking it slow this trip! 😉

Well, here we go again, heading across Canada. Maybe for the last time, but who knows, we sure don't. 

We got away right at 7am today, heading north towards Goderich. About 15 minutes up the road we realized we had missed something important, so back home and start again right at 7:30 this time. A beautiful morning for a drive.

We do plan on shorter travel days than other trips this time, maybe not quite as slow as the lead picture though.

Along the way we saw a mountain, unusual in these parts of Southern Ontario:

Soon it was clear this was a huge pile of wood chips:


Since it was Sunday morning and we were moving through Mennonite country, we started to see buggies with passengers on their way to church. One of the buggies decided they liked the middle of the road rather than the shoulder. Maybe it was because that buggy was pulled by a mule?:


 He soon pulled over though:

We thought we saw some boulders in a field along the way:

Nope, just a small flock of sheep in the tall grass:

And speaking of tall grass, these cows seemed to be enjoying their banquet:

Since we were going right through Flesherton on our way today, we had a look around to see what had changed in the (almost exactly) 5 years since we closed the house sale. Not much really.

The town park still has a nice pond

We stopped by our old home to make sure it was being kept up ok, and it's looking good:

The lot was a hay field when we bought it about 22 years ago. We planted all the trees you see, much smaller then!

Tonight we're camped at Killbear Provincial Park, a few kms north of Parry Sound. We enjoyed a couple of days here last fall and liked the park, so decided on a short first day. Good call we think:

As usual we don't have specific plans for this trip, except for enjoying the trip and visiting Cathie's sister Donna in the Okanagan area of southern BC. We'll likely do some more exploring around BC after that.


P.S. a GPS note. Last year we tried navigating to Killbear park using our Garmin GPS. It led us astray, trying to take us east from hwy 400, but we quickly realized the error and manually corrected.

Today we found out why. We searched for "Killbear Provincial Park" on the Garmin, and it returned 3 matches. The first 2 are totally wrong! We had to pick the third choice before it got the directions to the park right, that took us on hwy 559 heading west from Hwy 400. 

The easy old-school way of course, is to head up (or down) hwy 400 until you see a sign to Killbear Park, and follow the signs. Sometimes old tech is good tech. :))




  1. It’s always nice to see your old house. Safe travels!

  2. Yippee! Love following you both on UR trips,,,
    Look forward to it,

  3. Enjoy! Looks like a great first day of travel:)

  4. Have a great trip! It was really nice to see the photo of your Flesherton home. Looking forward to following your blog updates.

  5. Sounds like a good start! Looking forward to following your progress.

  6. Beautiful scenery; it looks like you're off to a good start. Donna B

  7. I look forward to following you as you travel west. Did you make reservations in advance? just wondering? Ruth

    1. No reservations Ruth, but we were forced to "reserve" a site at the Rossport/Rainbow Falls park we're at tonight (ie pay their $9+ reservation fee) online because the parks are not manned. What a poor system. I struggled through, but when I helped a German-speaking couple to go through it, they finally left the park in disgust.

  8. Looks like lovely weather for your first day. Nice to have a shorter drive and time to enjoy the campground and stretch your legs.