Friday, September 22, 2023

Home via Parry Sound after a surprise morning sight

Unexpected sight cruising by our site at 8am

We hadn't been awake very long when we noticed this cruise ship slipping by, on its way to Parry Sound we assumed. We looked up the ship, the Viking Polaris. Here's a link to the ship and cruises: Viking Polaris

You'll see from the information it's considered a small cruiser, with "only" 378 guests and 256 crew. This is a newer Adventure cruise ship, and it offers several different tours, including the Great Lakes versions. The link shows tour prices and info. Be prepared for a bit of sticker shock at the prices. C'mon lottery win!

After packing up we headed in to Parry Sound, partly to see if the ship did stop there. Yes it did:

Anchored in the Sound

The ship is too large to dock right at the Parry Sound docks, so passengers are ferried back and forth via a couple of tenders, they look like they could double as lifeboats:

Heading over to the main town docks, we were able to see a tender close up:

Because the cruise is International (US and Canada) the dock is controlled access, similar to Charlottetown PEI but on a much smaller scale:

See the Security Guard at the left?  "Hi" security!

Just across from the cruise passenger dock is a company offering local air tours:

We briefly considered taking a flight but didn't try. Flights range from 25 minutes at $142 per person plus tax and tip, to an hour-long flight for $240 pp+. Pricey but appealing.

There are other attractions in the dock area too, like boat tours on the Island Queen which we took and enjoyed a few years ago:

Tour plane taxiing in

Then we cruised homeward on this beautiful fall day, with a few stops along the way. A short but very enjoyable trip.


  1. What a sight right from the campsite! Huge ship. I didn’t realize they did full cruises up that way.

  2. I didn’t realize cruise ships travelled through there either. I would have been very surprised to see that from my campsite! Seems like a great little getaway. Thanks for sharing!

  3. The Viking Cruise Ships are a luxury cruise line, and the Great Lakes cruise is very popular but it’s not for those looking for a budget cruise lol

  4. That was quite the day. Beautiful weather and great viewing

  5. Fun sighting ,,,,and great little get away for a few days,,,with awesome weather,,,
    We love Parry Sound,,,the dock area so nice and the beach area is great too,,,,
    Must take a drive up in October for leaves,,,,
    Thanks for the enjoyable trip,,,l

  6. I missed this. I had no idea cruise ships, even 'small' ones docked in Parry Sound. Been quite a few decades since I stopped i there.